May 2006

I heard today that United for Life has been campaigning about this issue for a while (I’ve got to say that I hadn’t heard about the campaign, sorry guys, but they have been very active by the looks of it). Apparently they have written to AI UK on several occasions, but have had no response. This link takes you to a page which contains links to the letters they have sent.


The Canadian section of Amnesty International voted at the weekend to support the “decriminalization” of abortion and advocate the right to abortion in curcumstances where the woman has been a victim of sexual violence or if the woman’s life is threatened.

The Canadian decision may not go as far as the UK or the NZ decisions taken recently, but it still goes too far.

Article from The Toronto Star.

The Canadian branch of AI will debate this matter at its AGM this weekend

A Catholic Life: Amnesty International and Abortion

This article says it all.

Remember this issue will be debated by all Amnesty International country groups before an international meeting in Mexico in summer 2007. There is time – campaign against it – contact your local AI group.

  • UK Amnesty members and members of the public can send their comments to National Director Kate Allen, either by post to Amnesty International UK, The Human Rights Action Centre, 17-25 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EA, or at
  • Outside the UK contact your nearest AI branch – check here to find out
  • Write letters to your local newspaper to raise awareness about the current debate

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