July 2006

The Canadian Conference of Roman Catholic Bishops have issued a statement condemning any move that would involve AI supporting or advocating abortion.


The Australian section of AI is just as likely as any others to lose membership support the organisation has been warned.

According to this article, AI bosses are getting a little uncomfortable about the fuss that is being made about the issue of advocating abortion. It would be wonderful if it is true, but I have my doubts. I think it is a little early to speculate just yet.

consistent for life

The following is from a comment left by a poster on this blog, I think it is worth highlighting. Thanks to Bill Samuel of Consistent Life for this.

The movement of Amnesty International in the direction of recognizing a “right” to kill an unborn child is a matter of great distress to its consistent-life constituency. All those who report on having called AI’s national office in the United States received curt responses stating that AI is maintaining neutrality, in contradiction to the form letters the same people receive after writing to AI. We have found no indication that the phone calls or the letters are being tallied in order to give decision-makers an accurate assessment of the widespread dismay their decisions can cause. The “policy consultation process” the form letter claims to be underway must be problematic when those who call are not having their names and addresses taken down, while being told emphatically that this process is nothing but a rumor.

Accordingly, Consistent Life, an international network for peace, justice and life, is organizing a drive to allow this constituency to be registered and counted (see text below). All those who have ever supported AI are invited to sign it at:


AOL news used the piece from AP on the issue recently. There is a poll on their site (quite unofficial); far be it from me to influence how you vote in it, but the link is here.

AP has recently covered the issue – the article has been copied in several blogs, so the link is just in case you haven’t seen it yet. It is all great publicity for those people (especially AI members) who were unaware of this proposal.
…keep spreading the word folks.

The US based Prolifeblogs.com is claiming that the campaign to stop AI changing its stance on abortion is beginning to hit the headlines. This is great news. In the UK the number of column inches and media reports have decreased since the AI UK Annual General Meeting. So it is important to keep the momentum going.

If you have not written to AI yet, please contact them. If you have written to them I would be very grateful for a copy of their response….unfortunately I am not getting much out of them at the moment.

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