Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to email. There are a couple of questions that have come up several times over the last few weeks, so here are the answers:

By far the biggest question asked is why I am reporting on so many Catholic sites and using Catholic bishops…the answer is quite simple: I am happy to use sources from anywhere that brings people’s attention to this issue (you’ll see that previous posts link to, among others, the BBC, and The Spectator – both of these are well worth seeing if you haven’t had a chance yet), the truth is that most coverage at the moment is coming from Catholic sources – and I’m about to post another one. But please let me know if you spot anything – I’m always looking.

I’ve also been asked why the site hasn’t been updated much recently. It’s not entirely down to laziness on my part (though that is a factor), but the main reason is that I don’t post anything unless it’s worthwhile and relevant. Again, if you have anything please let me know.

If emailing is too much of a hassle, by all means post a comment.