February 2007

The tagline for this year’s AIUSA AGM in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from March 23 – March 25 is “ordinary people extraordinary change” and I am hoping that any extraordinary changes made at the AGM are ones for the good of AI.

The closing date to book a room at the Annual General Meeting is Thursday 1 March. You can book through the website here. Don’t worry if you miss the deadline, you can still attend, but you will have to find your own accommodation.

On the Saturday morning (the 24th from 9am-1045am) , one of the workshops/discussion panels is entitled “ Getting a Handle on AI’s Policy and Work on Sexual and Reproductive Rights”.
Working parties will be set up on the Saturday afternoon to phrase resolutions and votes will be taken the following morning.


Students for Life America has a petition that students in the US can download and collect signatures. You can download the petition from this site.

I have my doubts about the probity of the AIUK membership consultation: who can blame me after all, given AIUK’s previous attempts to organise an “even-handed” debate on the topic (one of which last year omitted the anti-abortion position at all). So. sadly I suspect that many of the organisation’s leaders are doing what they can to sway the vote in favour of advocating abortion. The scheduling of the debates at the conference and AGM has not put my mind at rest. Following this apparent thorough and detailed consultative process AIUK has scheduled exactly 15 minutes to update members attending the AGM on Saturday 24 March about the consultation (yep, Tim Hancock the campaigns director will speak from 10.10 – 10.25 on the euphemistically entitled”Sexual and reproductive rights” consultation). The following day (that’s from 9.15 on a Sunday morning for 1hr and 45mins) they’ll debate resolutions relating to the issue. Now, with this such a divisive and important issue for AI on a global scale, you would think that they could devote a little more time to this during the course of the three-day event.

By the way, if you are going to go to AIUK’s AGM, you have to register by this Friday (2 March). you can do this through the Amnesty UK website.