Conservative writer and former Reagan administration policy analyst Dinesh D’Souza is receiving criticism from both right and left for his new book The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and Its Responsibility for 9/11. No surprise really as he blames a litany of organizations that he believes supports the liberal left for 911 (notably some members of Congress, Hollywood, the media and the universities). Strong stuff, indeed. And while I disagree with many of the sentiments, there is an interesting proposition Mr D’Souza makes in one of his promotional interviews as reported in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: that the opposition to moves to make abortion a human right as advocated by Human Right Watch (and what AI is sadly also attempting) could actually bring together Muslims and Christians. If successful, a campaign to stop such a move would be a worthy double-whammy; imagine: stopping the illogical (and I believe immoral) prospect of a human rights organization advocating abortion AND bringing together the Muslim and Christian worlds.

I have said in previous posts that this is not just a Catholic issue, nor even a Christian issue; but neither is it an Islamic issue: the prospect of advocating abortion as a human right is one that people of all faiths and none should be concerned about. Even if you disagree with the morality-based arguments, no compelling argument has been presented that counteracts the illogicality of the proposal.