Zimbabwe was once a prosperous nation – the bread basket of Africa – well farmed, with a strong economy and a stable government: it was a nation that, for all its faults and its needs for social reform (which included the need for fairer distribution of land), thrived and was respected. We know the reality today. A brutal, corrupt and incompetent government has brought the country to its knees: it relies on the handouts from the UK, EU and US to survive and bites the hand that feeds it; its mind-boggling inflation rates and mounting debt has forced electricity supplies to be slashed to 4 hours a day. So it makes a mockery of the United Nations that Zimbabwe has been chosen to head the UN’s Commission on Sustainable Development.

Amnesty International has been respected for its human rights work since it started; campaigning for the rights of individuals and saving many thousands of lives in the process. It well-deserved the Nobel Peace Prize for its work. But, as we have seen with Zimbabwe, reputations crumble quickly. It is no less of a mockery to human rights that AI has adopted a policy that advocates abortion and continues to call itself a human rights organization, than Zimbabwe’s chairmanship of the CSD is a mockery of the UN. AI is aware that its decision to advocate abortion is not only divisive and contrary to members’ wishes, but it also risks denying millions of individuals their human rights (see previous post).

But there is still time for AI bosses to reflect on the wishes of the organization’s members, its past triumphs and reverse this policy, before AI – like Zimbabwe’s leaders – irrevocably loses widespread support and respect. Urge Amnesty’s leaders to take this opportunity and tell them that there is, in effect, still time to SAVE AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL.