THE UK NEWSPAPER The Independent has covered the issue in today’s paper; hardly in the most impartial way, as it attempts to suggest that the Catholic Church’s opposition to this issue is an attack on the victims of rape – of course it is not. Nevertheless, today’s front page splash highlights the issue more than any other mainstream paper has done so far.

The opposition to AI’s policy is well rehearsed in this blog and on other sites. AI is now feeling a little worried about the backlash of the decision that they tried so hard to cover up.independent130807

Since the Catholic Church warned that it would have to ask its members to support other organisations instead of AI, the mainstream press have been taking up the story.

Guardian MastheadOn Friday The Guardian also wrote a piece: Amnesty faces Catholic church boycott over abortion policy

The Tablet has also covered the story, but it is regrettable that the Catholic magazine did not cover it in more depth and in a more comprehensive manner over the last 18 months.